Curating Services

Claudine Ascher


Email  :
Phone  : 514 696-6999

Curatorial services offered to individuals, groups or associations submitting for or  planning exhibitions.

For workshops of 6 to 8 participants, the group can arrange for Zoom sessions, in which case each session will be limited to the service’s allotted time.

For workshops of up to 16 participants, the group will arrange for and provide the location.

If the individual or group will be working with a specific theme, or has specific venues to which they plan to submit a proposal, we will do the work described below to address each theme’s or venue’s requirements.

Stage 1: The Artists’ Portfolios

8 hours (over 2 or 4 days, with homework) focused on

A. Helping individuals select images to include as examples of their recent work and create artists’ statements that reflect their current practice. Photographing and identifying the work will also be discussed.

B. Updating and refining their individual curriculum vitae and biographies.

C. Translations of the texts will also be discussed and facilitated.

Stage 2: The Submission and Proposal Dossier

6 hours (over 2 days, with homework) focused on

A.  Creating an exhibition proposal and/or group statement

B. Creating and gathering abridged member CVs and/or required support documents

C. Selecting works to include in the submission.

Stage 3: If and When the Proposal is Accepted

If the venue does not handle creating the invitation and press release for the exhibition, or, if is in the Montreal region, it expects the artist to install the works, I am available to help with these tasks. Fees will depend on the complexity of the exhibition and if I must travel, on the location of the venue; they can be negotiated either on a per-hour or per-exhibition basis.