Learning the Language

Performance Anxiety photo collage             I was in a broker’s office recently talking business and staring at walls so bare and so… beige that I thought I was in Nowhere Land. There were a couple of badly framed things on the walls, diplomas or permits or something, and they conveyed not a feeling of accomplishment […]

Consulting the Compass

Work in Progress photo collage I got asked for the umpteenth time, “How long did it take you?” And I answered as I always do, “All my life.” That’s how long it took me to make each and every work I ever created, and that’s how long it will take me to make every work […]

The Would-Be Critic

The Critic photo collage on paper I managed once to make it to Italy to see all the great works of art I’d ever only seen and loved in books. Among the most moving were Michelangelo’s sculptures, the Pieta, the David, but especially the Captives. These men emerging but never free of the stone from […]

Checking that the Suitcases Are Well Packed

First Love Photo collage In my art technique classes, I developed the habit of devoting part of the first class to conducting an oral questionnaire. I asked students the same short series of questions about their previous experience as art students. I did this because their answers helped me determine the sequence, depth and speed […]


Identity Crisis photo collage             When I travelled to other places to finally see the art I’d only ever known through picture books or slides, I travelled as a student, as a practicing artist, as an art teacher and as an artist who exhibits other people’s works. To me, these four aspects of my relationship […]

Setting Off

Setting Off Photo Collage I introduce myself: I am a visual artist first and foremost. I am a sculptor, primarily in clay. I also draw in graphite and coloured pencil, and recently, I have returned to acrylic painting. Part of my work refers to the theatre and modern dance work I did in the past, […]